Home sale

For Sellers:

  • How to Sell an On-Campus Home - This document explains the process of selling a campus home on a standard ground lease.
  • FSH Online portal - List your standard ground leased home for sale using this tool.
  • Sales Statistics - This information contains historical sales with high, median, and low prices for all ground leased homes.
  • Housing Sales - History of recent home sales for all ground leased homes.

To Rent Your Home:

An active employee may temporarily rent out their home that is subject to a residential ground lease, during the duration of an approved University leave. The home must remain the Principal Place of Residence of the Lessee. Rental eligibility is generally limited to those who meet the rental eligibility criteria

Please refer to your ground lease and condominium homeowners associations for other rental restrictions, including allowable rental terms. Please notify fshousing@stanford.edu of the name, eligibility, and term of any renters.