Home Improvements

Step Number 1 Review Stanford’s Building Regulations applicable to your Ground Lease area:

Step Number 2 Review Home Improvement Projects FAQs

Step Number 3 Submit the Project Application and Construction Notification forms

Complete and submit the Project Application form

Include any additional information such as:

  • drawings
  • photos
  • spec sheets
  • architectural plans
  • Complete and submit the Construction Notification form for Stanford campus homes with projects lasting over 30 days

Step Number 4 Pay the Project Application fee

  • Contact FSH front office to pay the fee by credit card at 650-725-6893
  • Checks are accepted, payable to Stanford University
  • Cash is not accepted

Step Number 5 Homes 50 years old or older may require additional historic review time

Step Number 6 Stanford’s approval can take up to 10 workdays after receiving all requested information