The Office of the Provost, Faculty Staff Housing (FSH) continues to offer on- and off-campus ground-leased homes for purchase via Direct Sale in the 2022-2023 academic year.  FSH anticipates that the homes will continue to be a mixture of condominium and single-family residences, new construction, recently refurbished, and redevelopment opportunities. Additionally, we anticipate that the direct sale homes will continue to vary in floor plan size and location within the surrounding communities of Stanford, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park.

Direct Sale Homes are offered on a “first come first served” basis to Eligible Faculty who:

  • Satisfy all of the Eligibility Criteria for the Direct Sale home; and
  • "Submit an Offer" for the home as outlined on the website for the home; and
  • "Complete the Purchase" of the home, as outlined on the website for the home.

Purchase Offer Packets received via email, up to the Purchase Offer Submission period (8:30 a.m. on the day the Submittals are due, or concurrently at any time during the submission period), will be considered by FSH as having been received at the same time, and will be subject to a random-number generated drawing (i.e., “Lottery”) to establish a ranking of the Concurrent Buyers.  All Concurrent Buyers will be notified if there are multiple Purchase Offer Packets and a drawing is necessary.

Eligible Faculty may reserve only one FSH home at a time. Eligible Faculty who have a reservation or a contract on a single-family home are not eligible to participate in a FSH Direct Sale for another FSH home. This does not apply to those who have a reservation or a contract on a FSH condominium home. 

AY 2023-2024


795/15/24 - Closed712 Dolores Street, Stanford
785/15/24 - Closed614 San Juan Street, Stanford
775/1/24 - Closed634 Constanzo Street, Stanford
765/1/24 - Closed630 Constanzo Street, Stanford
755/1/24 - Closed624 Constanzo Street, Stanford
744/17/24 - Closed351 Olmsted Road, Stanford
734/17/24 - Closed343 Olmsted Road, Stanford
722/28/24 - Closed722 Dolores Street, Stanford
712/28/24 - Closed633 Cabrillo Avenue, Stanford
701/31/24 - Closed435 Olmsted Road, Stanford
691/10/24 - TBD1945 Oak Avenue, Menlo Park
6811/29/23 - TBD2600 Columbia Street #102, Palo Alto
6710/25/23 - Closed2400 Amherst Street, Palo Alto
6610/25/23 - Closed1655 Amherst Way, Palo Alto
6510/11/23 - Closed860 Partridge Avenue, Menlo Park
649/27/23 - 10/12/232600 Columbia Street, #202, Palo Alto
639/13/23 - 9/28/232332 Branner Drive, Menlo Park
629/13/23 - 9/28/232430 Amherst Street, Palo Alto
619/13/23 - 9/28/232515 Amherst Street, Palo Alto