FSH staff group photo in front of University Terrace building

Although Bay Area housing costs are high, Stanford is committed to providing generous financial support, resources and services to help recruit and retain top talent.

Our office administers Stanford's housing programs that provide eligible faculty and executive staff with favorable loans, lower cost ownership options, and all Stanford affiliates with convenient rental apartments and homes at reduced rents.

  • Home Ownership 
    FSH offers assistance to eligible faculty, staff and clinician educators with loans designed to make home ownership more affordable, support to determine how much of a house you can afford, and homes for sale.
  • Rental Housing
    Stanford has approximately 2,100 rental housing apartments and homes in multiple communities within an easy walk, bike ride, or short train ride to campus. These apartments and homes are available to eligible Stanford affiliates at lower rents than what an equivalent home would cost in the regular marketplace.
  • Resources for Homeowners
    If you own a home on Stanford land, FSH can advise you if you need to sell your home or make a physical improvement to it.