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  • Employees in staff positions who receive benefits from Stanford
  • May not be available in conjunction with other Stanford housing programs

Program highlights

  • Down-payment support through Landed:
    • Stanford staff can receive funding for down-payment support to purchase a home
    • Add the support from Landed to a personal down-payment contribution, for a combined 20% down
    • In exchange for the down-payment support, Landed shares in the equity gain (or depreciation loss) at the time the home is sold or refinanced, or when the mortgage term ends
    • When prospective homeowners have a 20% down payment, they typically qualify for lower mortgage interest rates and avoid costly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) that lenders often apply to home loans with less than 20% down
    • The program accelerates the timeline to home ownership, enabling Stanford staff to benefit from tax deductions not available to renters
    • The down-payment support from Landed is not a loan, so it does not add to an employee’s debt and there are no monthly payments
    • The program supports the purchase of a primary residence
    • The program is not limited to first-time home buyers
  • Education and financial counseling regarding home buying:
    • Webinars and support to understand home buying options, such as how to make an offer, what contingencies are, how to close on your home, and more

Geographic regions where Landed operates

  • Review a list of the regions where Landed is available, both within the Bay Area, in California, and in areas across the nation

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