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  • At any time, access the Stanford webpage on the Landed website to sign up for more information
    • An info session recorded in English is available here.
    • An info session recorded in Mandarin is available here
    • An info session recorded in Spanish is available here.


  • Employees in staff positions who receive benefits from Stanford
  • May not be available in conjunction with other Stanford housing programs

Geographic regions where Landed operates

  • Review a list of the regions where Landed is available, both within the Bay Area, in California, and in areas across the nation

Northern CA

Program highlights

  • Down-payment support through Landed:
    • Stanford staff can receive funding for down-payment support to purchase a home
    • Add the support from Landed to a personal down-payment contribution, for a combined 20% down
    • In exchange for the down-payment support, Landed shares in the equity gain (or depreciation loss) at the time the home is sold or refinanced, or when the mortgage term ends
    • When prospective homeowners have a 20% down payment, they typically qualify for lower mortgage interest rates and avoid costly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) that lenders often apply to home loans with less than 20% down
    • The program accelerates the timeline to homeownership, enabling Stanford staff to benefit from tax deductions not available to renters
    • The down-payment support from Landed is not a loan, so it does not add to an employee’s debt and there are no monthly payments
    • The program supports the purchase of a primary residence
    • The program is not limited to first-time homebuyers
  • Education and financial counseling regarding home buying:
    • Webinars and support to understand home buying options, such as how to make an offer, what contingencies are, how to close on your home, and more
  • Stanford/Landed Statistics from April 2021 - October 2021:
    • 18 Home Buyers as of October 2021
    • 101 Employees onboarded with Landed
    • 432 calls with Landed
    • 2,085 employees have engaged with Landed.

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