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The Office of the Provost, Faculty Staff Housing (FSH) continues to offer on- and off-campus ground-leased homes for purchase via Lottery and Direct Sale in the 2018-2019 academic year. Periodically, homes listed but not sold via lottery are listed for Direct Sale. FSH anticipates that the homes will continue to be a mixture of condominium and single-family residences, new construction, recently refurbished, and redevelopment opportunities. Additionally, we anticipate that the lottery homes will continue to vary in floor plan size and location within the surrounding communities of Stanford, Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Menlo Park.

Direct Sale Homes are offered on a “first come first served” basis to Eligible Faculty who:
  • Satisfy all of the Eligibility Criteria for the Direct Sale home; and
  • "Submit an Offer" for the home as outlined on the website for the home; and
  • "Complete the Purchase" of the home, as outlined on the website for the home.
Eligible Faculty may reserve only one FSH home at a time. Eligible Faculty who have a reservation or a contract on a single-family home are not eligible to participate in a FSH Direct Sale or FSH Lottery for another FSH home. This does not apply to those who have a reservation or a contract on a FSH condominium home. (updated July 24, 2019)

Sale Timeframe Residences
8 09/13/19 - TBD * Menlo Park (Allied Arts): 649 Cambridge Ave.
7 09/13/19 - TBD * Stanford (San Juan): 639 Mirada Ave.
Sale Timeframe Residences
6 07/24/19 - TBD * Stanford (San Juan): 450 El Escarpado
5 07/24/19 - TBD * Stanford (San Juan): 421 El Escarpado
4 06/05/19 - TBD * Stanford (San Juan): 774 Santa Ynez St.
3 06/05/19 - TBD * Stanford (San Juan): 654 Cabrillo Ave.
2 03/27/19 - TBD * Stanford (San Juan): 678 Mirada Ave.
1 03/27/19 - Closed (updated 05.01.19) Palo Alto (Evergreen Park): 315 Oxford Ave.
  • * The timeline is subject to change and is contingent upon the acceptance of a Purchase Offer Packet.

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Important Notice
Nothing on this site or in the documents it contains should be construed as an offer or commitment of any kind. Programs and eligibility requirements can be changed or discontinued without notice.

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