11. Will Stanford refinance my loans?

Stanford does not have a program to refinance existing loans. Please contact an outside lender to take advantage of lowering your interest rate, taking cash out, or eliminating any deferred interest obligations on your Stanford loans.

12. How do I refinance or obtain a home equity line?

Please refer to the Refinancing page.

13. How do I payoff my Stanford loans?

Please refer to the Loan Payoffs page.

14. What happens to my housing programs after I leave Stanford?

If you are participating in housing programs, please contact Faculty Staff Housing before you leave. Your salary supplement will stop on your ineligibility date, and all Stanford loans are due on your ineligibility date. Please refer to your Promissory Note regarding due date provisions. If you own a leasehold home, please refer to your Lease regarding the amount of time you have to sell your home and to whom you must sell your home. 

You may wish to leave sufficient time in order to make arrangements to refinance your loans or sell your house. For a refinance, please refer to our Lenders List for some possible outside lender options.

15. What is Ebix?

Ebix assists the University with the tracking of insurance information for homes with a Stanford ground lease and/or outstanding Stanford loans. Please refer to the Insurance Requirements page for more information.