11. Do I need to use a real estate agent to purchase a house on-campus?

No. A buyer may choose to buy a campus home with or without an agent. If the seller has an agent, the seller generally pays the full sales commission and the seller’s agent shares a portion of the commission with the buyer’s agent. If the seller has no agent but the buyer has an agent, the buyer may be asked to pay a commission to the agent. Faculty Staff Housing cannot act as an agent.

12. Can Faculty Staff Housing show me available homes to buy?

Faculty Staff Housing will provide a tour of a University owned home listed for sale by appointment only.  Buyers interested in a home listed for sale by owner need to contact the sellers or their real estate agent directly to make arrangements to tour houses.  A buyer may wish to hire an agent to make these arrangements.  Faculty Staff Housing cannot act as an agent.

13. Can Faculty Staff Housing help with moving companies, realtors, and relocation assistance?

Faculty Staff Housing does not provide information on local Realtors, moving companies, or relocation assistance.

14. What is Ebix BPO?

All new homebuyers must have insurance on the home they purchase before the transaction can be completed. Loans and the on-campus leases require that insurance be maintained during the term. The loans and on-campus lease require that Stanford be notified of the type and terms of the insurance. The University has contracted with Ebix BPO to assist in tracking and monitoring insurance information for all outstanding loans and all current leases.

The University provided Ebix BPO with the current insurance information on file. Ebix BPO will review the information for compliance and contact the insurance agent with questions or for additional information. Ebix may contact the borrower or lessee directly if a policy has lapsed or if no information is on file.